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Living My Best Life

When given a second chance at life, a breast cancer survivor and mother of two, must choose a healthy lifestyle or risk having a shorter life expectancy.

“Why, oh why did I begin this vegan journey. I mean not just vegan, but raw vegan? Sounds crazy and not easy, but my survival counted on it!”

– Dawn Felton


The mission of Health Is Wealth Atlanta is to establish and maintain a website that encourages a healthier, happier and longer lasting life for visitors of the site and Southwest Atlanta.

Why This Is The Pathway To Survival?

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Why Going Vegan Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Take the pledge for a healthier lifestyle with me…

This pic was taken on vacation by a friend, who said, "I wear my weight well".

This picture was taken by a friend of mine, who said, “I wear my weight well.”  I know she meant well, and I’m not saying I look bad, but I know I could look better.  Follow me as I embark on this life-changing/saving life style change…

Here we are again, but it’s a year later in August of 2019.  A year after changing my life.  Looking good and feeling even better.  If you want to learn how I did it.  Follow my blog:  www.PlantBasedAndVeganAF.com  and join my Facebook Group Plant-Based and Vegan As F*ck today!

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