Vegan? Never Heard of it…

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You may be asking what a vegan diet is and why is it so popular, suddenly?  Or, maybe you never heard of it before.  Well here it goes; a vegan is the strictest vegetarian sub-category. Vegans are different from all other vegetarian types as they eat only plant-based foods and do not consume any animal products. Vegan people do not eat any animal products, meat, fish or poultry, eggs or dairy products. To obtain their protein, vegans eat grains, beans, and soy products. From foods like tofu, kale, broccoli, sunflower seeds, dried figs, and tortillas, they can get calcium.

When I said "hi" to a vegan diet I said say "good-bye" to animal products such as bacon, cheese, honey, (I know what you’re saying, but think of the bees) and dairy. A vegan diet, however, does not only entail a life with cereals and tofu. Vegan products and meals, especially today, include a wide range of interesting and tasty foods.

In the last year, surprisingly, a vegan diet has become common among those who wish to live a health-conscious lifestyle.  In the Atlanta area alone, we have had an increase of restaurants, which are vegan or offer meat and animal bi-products alternatives.

Click the link to a blog post from the AJC regarding the surge of plant-based and vegan restaurants in the Metro Atlanta Area.

My list of my favorites vegan restaurants I have visited or would like to visit as well is coming soon.

For social, ecological, and health reasons, more and more people have decided to go vegan.

Such a diet can result in various health benefits if done correctly, including a trimmer waistline and better regulation of blood sugar, and I’m all for that, so why not try to achieve these goals. Since, I started on my vegan journey, I’ve lost 35lbs and lowered my blood pressure.

Nevertheless, in some cases, a diet based solely on plant foods may increase the risk of deficiencies in nutrients, so it’s important to follow a well-rounded vegan diet.  For more information on how to start your vegan journey follow my blog:


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