When Health Coaches “Feel Rotten” This is What They Do

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Prior to starting my vegan life, I wanted to detox because I knew a detox diet would help me in my weight loss journey.  Somehow I learned about Spreading The Health on social media and just missed their spring detox challenge, but after visiting the E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness Club on Metropolitan Parkway in Southwest Atlanta in June, I learned about Spreading The Health’s Summer Detox Challenge.  I was so excited and signed up without hesitation.  And when I tell you I’m happy I did, I’m making an understatement.  Though it was challenging, and at the end of each day (around 5 pm) all I wanted to do was sleep.  Well I found out my body needed to rest because it was working hard at removing the impurities from my body.  We weighted ourselves at the beginning and the end of the challenge to determine our results.  I was amazed.  After following the detox challenge guidelines for 7 days (21 green juices and if I needed to eat, I ate a raw vegan meal), I lost at least 10 lbs. and 5 inches off my waistline.  I can’t wait for the next detox challenge, which is schedule for the new year!   I highly recommend trying a detox challenge.  If you’re in the Atlanta Area, check out www.SpreadingTheHealth.com for more details.


Another option is if you are in the Atlanta area is Arden’s Garden.  I’ve shared the picture of their two-day detox.

It is not always possible to give your body the best type of food in today's environment and our busy lifestyle every day. Just as some of us are trying to avoid toxins and preservatives of what we know is a task that is unlikely to be accomplished at 100%.

The two most harmful foods that most people eat every day are over-processed foods and sweet beverages. By contrast, the most powerful strategy in controlling your health and weight would be to eliminate those two. There are also many other items that most people don't know about, such as current treatment, drug shortages, household cleaners, personal care products, contaminants, etc. to name a couple.

It is important to understand that nutrition is not only associated with our overall well-being. There are other things at play that take the body to a point where many wrong things are overwhelmed. There are good reasons for detoxification; therefore, let's look at some of the advantages of a detox diet.

Detoxification In Brief, Explained!

These days, detox diets are getting a lot of attention. Owing to its many advantages, more and more people turn to it. So, if you're wondering if you're going to join those on this diet, the following information will be helpful. So, let me first give you a few concepts. The term detox is a detoxification abbreviation that means removing the body's food and environmental contaminants. A detox diet is meant to remove any toxins produced by improper intake of food.

Weight Loss

The need to lose weight is one of the reasons you may need a detox diet. Since this diet puts a lot of focus on nutritionally rich food plus exercise, you're certainly going to lose weight by following a detox meal. With the many weight gain-related problems, it is important to adopt preventive measures.

Sugar drinking, such as sodas, is generally known to cause weight gain and contribute to many other far-reaching health issues. Soft drinks generally contain phosphoric acids plus a contend for very high sugar. Most of the shelves ' fruit juices should also be stopped as much as possible for the same reason. Changing your diet to detox may well show that you have made the best decision in your life.

Cleaning up the body

Caffeine, pesticides, preservatives, and sugar accumulation in the body makes the body system toxic. Such drugs can lead to issues such as aches, lethargy, water retention, and weight gain among other health issues. It is important because of this change to a diet that clears the body of these substances. Do not wait to make that decision until the problems set in your life; choose to shift from your diet today.

Gives You Energy

Another significant benefit of a detox diet is the energy supply that maintains the body for a long time, unlike when you eat too many caffeinated drinks and too much sugar. Anyone on this diet plan usually eats the right type of foods that are energy sources that are efficient and effective. The endorphin rates should rise as a fitness program becomes part of the diet plan. All of these contribute to a massive energy program that is maintained.

Glowing and Better Complexion

A detox diet plan brings about what many facials are offering. As a result of changing to this diet plan, the skin becomes clearer and lighter. It results in glowing skin, which can be accomplished by using a process that has no side effects. Water at the heart of all detox activities is most critical because your body needs to stay hydrated for a healthy face. Therefore, for a better overall look, acne, and pimples will vanish from your body.

Gives a Break to Digestive Organs

Many of us, through the foods we eat, overwork our digestive organs, especially the liver, stomach, and intestines. The consequence was disorders of the digestive system. Occasionally going for a detox eating plan will give certain organs a break that is needed for continued efficient operation. With all these advantages and much more, it's understandable why a lot of people go for a detox diet.

Why not start your detox today?  You won't regret it!

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